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Advice on selling a house

We understand that people choose to sell their home for lots of reasons, but it can be stressful and hard work no matter what your situation is which is why we have put together lots of information to give you advice on selling a house. Here at NPT Quick House Sale, we aim to help make selling your home as stress free and inexpensive as possible with lots of helpful tips and advice.

Firstly consider your reasons for selling your home. It could be due to the loss of a job, bereavement, divorce, or relocating. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s a good idea to think about what you plan to do following the sale of your home. We can help advise you with regards to accommodation, legal advice and much more but you need have a plan of action. Having a clear plan of action will help to ease any stress brought on by the selling process and give you something to focus on and remain positive.

If you are considering a quick sale, we can help with the entire process, not just with regards to buying your property but also to help in any way we can to ensure you are completely happy. With many years’ experience, we strive to provide excellent quality service to our customers every time. We can help with legal enquires including advising on getting a solicitor. Find out more about the role of a solicitor here Choosing to sell your property quickly helps to avoid estate agents and save a fortune in fees and ongoing bills and mortgage payments. You can also avoid property chains which can often cause problems for both the buyer and seller, so consider selling your home first as then you can move quickly if you decide to buy again without being stuck in a chain. This is also more attractive to estate agents or other sellers. So avoid losing that dream property by letting us purchase your home quickly and easily allowing you to continue your purchase without any hassle.

However you choose to sell your property it is a good idea to give it a good overhaul. You don’t have to spend lots at all, and we can buy your home in any condition but first impressions are everything so check the exterior of your home and tidy up the garden area, cutting back any overgrown trees or shrubs and making the frontage stand out. Make sure the inside of your home is tidy and de-clutter the rooms. Selling your home is always a fresh start but also a great opportunity to sort through all those dusty boxes and drawers. You’ll feel great inside and out with a good spring cleaning, preparing you better for moving and of course you’ll have much less to take with you!

Contact us anytime if you need any further advice on selling a house, and we can answer any questions you have regarding selling your home quickly and the process involved. Our dedicated team of staff are always on hand to help our customers, and ensure your move is comfortable and hassle-free.

by Cormac Henderson

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We received an excellent service using the Assisted Sale product and we would highly recommend anyone seeking a quick house sale to consider this option.
We sold our bungalow using National Property Trade and had the pleasure of dealing with Samson. Very straight forward and without hassle which is exactly what we were looking for. Being sceptical of most property buying companies online, National Property Trade happily answered any questions put to them and were very open and honest from the start. You have broughr bright light to our lives in difficult circumstances and without you guys we would be lost with you. Many many thanks.
Excellent service received and we would like to say a big thank you to Samson for all his hard work and professionalism.