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National Property Trade is the partner of choice for individuals and businesses looking for a residential property buying and part-exchange service they can rely on. Our partners typically need to sell a property faster than is possible on the open market and are willing to accept a reasonable discount to do so. In exchange, they need to be 100% certain they will receive the price they expect on the date they specify. Our entire operation has been built to deliver that requirement.

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What we offer

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We have over £30 million of capital available to purchase properties via our investment funds. These funds are managed at our discretion, so we do not need to seek approval from lenders or any other third parties prior to making an acquisition. This means we can act quickly and once we have agreed to pay a certain price, we can deliver 100% of the time.

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Our property management team acquire, manage and sell hundreds of properties each year. This deep experience means they are adept at identifying the maximum value that can be added to a given property via refurbishment, development or other improvements, which in turn allows us to offer our partners the maximum amount possible for their properties.

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Our valuation team price literally thousands of properties each year, located all around the country and in any condition. This means that no matter what the specifics of a given property may be, if it is for residential use and located somewhere in the United Kingdom, we will be able to make an offer on it within one week, and typically within days.

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Through the execution of over 500 transactions to date, we have forged a deep working relationship with our conveying solicitors. We are able to complete full property due diligence in a fraction of the normal time and can typically complete on a purchase within a week of a client accepting our offer.

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