About NPT

National Property Trade is a UK based residential property buyer founded by Cormac Henderson, a seasoned property investor, and Shane Miller, a property finance expert.

Having bought and sold many properties, Cormac knew how inefficient and difficult the process was, and he knew we could do better for customers who needed to sell their property quickly. Shane understood that the key to helping our clients would be NPT’s ability to access capital on demand, and created the affiliated Stonehaven Property Fund, a pool of funds that allowed NPT to become the fastest cash buyers in the UK. Underpinning our success has been a team that is caring and compassionate about the reasons our customers need our service. We take great pride in our ability to deliver an efficient and easy process, allowing our customers to sell a home in any condition or situation, as quickly as they need.

How we work

We know that the process of selling a home can be stressful, even more so when you are in need of a quick house sale. Our experienced team can be trusted to always be caring, helpful and transparent, aware that our customers are possibly in sensitive or difficult situations.

We are regulated by The Property Ombudsman, which means we have voluntarily agreed to follow a strict code of conduct in how we deal with customers. We are monitored as part of our membership and in case of any non-compliance with the ethical standard they set, we would be subject to disciplinary action. You can read the entire code of conduct here.

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Vision and values

Our Vision is to provide a quick property sale solution for every single customer who contacts us, and to deliver it with excellence and caring attention to our customer’s individual needs.

We are a family run business and we treat our customers and our employees the way that we would want to be treated – with respect, transparency and an empathetic ear. We promise we will deliver to the best of our ability and make what is usually a stressful process, easier, faster and hassle-free.


We are members of regulatory bodies who monitor our business practices, meaning you can always trust that we follow a strict code of conduct.


We are proud to be named Property Investor of the Year in the Property Investor Awards for two years running, in 2017 and 2018.

Property Investors Awards 2018 Awards
Property Investors Awards 2017 Awards

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