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Thatched Cottage


When you want to sell property fast, nothing succeeds like kerb appeal. After all, if you don’t create a positive first impression then potential buyers won’t want to set foot through the front door. Start with a new coat of paint before sprucing up the rest of your facade.


Use sophisticated symmetry


A pair of potted bay trees on either side of the front door always looks smart, but you could also add pots of lavender or other aromatic herbs for a fragrant welcome. A lantern either side of your front door is another way to create a stylish and welcoming feature that buyers will love.


Create space


Don’t clutter the area around your front door. If you need to utilise the space for practical purposes, invest in some attractive storage to keep bikes and bins secure and out of sight. A small shed will keep the area looking spacious and adds useful functionality.


Pay attention to detail


Once you’ve given your door a fresh coat of paint, invest in some good quality door furniture that’s in keeping with the style and period of your house. A statement door knocker and doorknob can provide a fabulous finishing touch that shows you take care of every detail of your decor.


Make it gleam


Sparkling windows and pristine woodwork will both add to your kerb appeal. In the case of clean windows, they’ll also allow more natural light into your interiors, something every buyer is looking for. A property that looks clean and well cared for is far more enticing for your prospective buyers than one with grubby glass and peeling paintwork. It says that you care enough about your property to keep it well maintained and that’s a powerful message when you want to sell property fast.


Aim for perfection


Don’t stop at sweeping and pressure washing your drive – make sure you keep the pavement outside your home clean and tidy too. Clear away any litter and leaves to give the best possible first impression of your property.


If you’ve boosted your kerb appeal and are looking to sell property fast, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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