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Depending on your perspective, selling property can either be a very exciting, or very stressful time – in fact, for many people it’s both. When it comes to the sale of your home, there are certain things you can do to prepare your property for the sales process. Read on for just a few ways to get the ball rolling.

The walk-around

The first thing you should do when you’re beginning the process of selling your property is to have a good look at what you have in your home. From fixtures and fittings that might need repair or replacement, or even furniture that needs moving first, starting with a good idea in your head of what needs to be done is always advantageous.

Decor and repair

Whether it’s pet-related damage, chipped paint or kitchen cabinets that need a refresh, doing all those little things you’ve been putting off around the house can make a difference to the value of your home. If you can make your property look new again with minimal effort and a lick of paint, then it’s worth your time.

Paperwork in order

Before you even think about selling your property, it’s essential to track down and acquaint yourself with all your property paperwork. This can include anything from home insurance you’ll need to alter or cancel, through to ownership information and the amount owing on your mortgage. You’ll thank your past self later for having everything ready to go.

Deep clean

The final thing you do before you shut your door on a property for good is to ensure the house is as clean as possible. Whether you choose to hire a carpet cleaner and snap on the rubber gloves yourself, or you decide to bring in help, leaving a property clean, tidy and fresh is important in the preparation of a sale.

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