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If you need to sell property fast, the internet is one of the easiest ways to do so: it’s simple, quick and often very lucrative. Here is a guide to selling property on the internet which will help you avoid the most common errors. Follow these, and you won’t compromise your results!

1. Quality photos

If an ad has good quality photo material, it automatically has 90% more chances of being considered by potential buyers. So make sure you pick the right images, as they could be the determining factor for your house sale! The images should be representative and bright. In order to achieve that, you should use a good quality camera, one which will highlight the natural light in the house. Pick a good time of the day for this: avoid nighttime, and don’t use flash. An hour when the sun shines bright and a decent camera should do the trick!

If you want to give your ad a special extra touch, make some videos! They will help your prospective client understand how space is organised in the house and how the various rooms relate to each other.

2. Planimetry

It’s important to give a detailed vision of your house’s organisation, as it will lend your ad more credibility. Make sure you attach an image of the planimetry!

Technical sketches allow potential clients to have an immediately clear idea about space distribution. It also gives them the tools to be able to visualise changes they might want to make in the future.

3. Description of the space

Make sure your description is as complete as possible. Include a discussion of the house’s characteristics and extra interesting information, such as how close it is to relevant infrastructure, such as schools, parks, hospitals etc. Your information here needs to be precise and clear. To achieve this, ensure you have researched the characteristics of your property in depth, so that you can give them the importance they need in your ad!

4. Technical data

It’s useful, too, to insert technical data, such as information about the cost of managing the house, heating and gas, electricity, and energy consumption. These are always of interest to buyers and will make your ad very credible.

Photo Credit: Obligatory Selfie Avec Camera by Durham Bell licensed under Creative commons 5

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