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It may not seem like it, but Autumn is actually a great time to sell your house. The summer rush has passed and the market has generally calmed down, which means your home won’t be up against such stiff competition to attract attention from savvy buyers.


That said, there are always things you can do to make your house more appealing this Autumn. Here’s 3.


1). Have a thorough clear out


Summer is usually packed with activities which means you’re in and out of the house often, that means that a lot of junk and dirt can accumulate while you’re busy enjoying the wonderful weather. Now the temperature is getting cooler, it’s the ideal time to have a thorough clean out.


Getting rid of some of the junk you’ve picked up over the summer can give your home space a new lease of life and will do wonders for making your property appear larger buyers. Those who want to sell property fast know how important de-cluttering is.


2). Think about lighting


All properties are best viewed in the daytime, but with the days drawing shorter as Autumn settles in you’re going to want to maximise your wow-factor with viewings by making sure your home feels as comfortable and welcoming as possible, for which lighting is your best friend.


Think about where in your rooms you place lamps, consider using slightly brighter bulbs (even if only for viewings), and make sure any energy-saving bulbs you use are turned on well in advance. Keeping your rooms bright and comfortable always helps with selling property.


3). Good insulation matters


As the Autumn nip starts to become stronger in the air, you can improve your chances of selling your house quickly by making sure it’s as warm and insulated as possible. That means first and foremost bleeding any radiators that have been dormant through summer, and checking for drafts.


It’s the ideal time to make sure your windows and doors are properly insulated, prospective buyers coming in from the cold will instantly feel cosier and more at home if you give them a warm and comfortable environment to step into.

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