Here at National Property Trade, we aim to offer house sellers a fast and safe way to quickly sell their home and still receive a fair price. We have a few services on offer, like our assisted sale service which sees you receiving 85-95% of your home’s market value, but without the hassle of selling it on your own.

For an even smoother process, we can make an immediate cash offer which is anywhere up to 90% of your home’s value. Both services have great perks and we encourage you to check them out some more. However, if you are looking to sell your home with us, here are 12 simple tips to help make the process even faster.

1. Improve curb side appeal


Tidy Garden


The first thing a prospective buyer sees when they visit your home is the outside. By sprucing up the building itself and the garden area around it, you can leave a far better first impression, and set yourself up for a better chance of success.


2. Renovate tired rooms


Rennovated Room


Renovating old rooms can be quick and easy. Many rooms might just need some fresh paint on the wall and new carpets. In turn, this ensures that every room looks modern and ready to move into, and can lead to a higher sale price as well.


3. Ensure great lighting throughout


It’s time to go through your home and replace any outdated or broken light fixtures. Having a bright home throughout will do wonders for selling it, as it appears much warmer and more welcoming.

4. Prepare an information pack about the local area


Buyers don’t just purchase the house itself, they also buy into the surrounding area. By preparing an information pack, you can showcase everything your local community has to offer.

5. Apply for planning permission


Just by applying for planning permission, you can speed up the sale process of your home, and achieve a higher sale price. This is because you can show the full potential the building has and it opens the market up to a whole new set of buyers.

6. Carry out a deep clean


Deep Cleaning


There is a certain feeling when walking into a pristine, new house, and it really does help to sell the building. By carrying out a deep clean, you can ensure your house is truly spotless, giving it that new-home feel.


7. Accept a quick cash offer


By far the quickest way you can speed up your sales process with National Property Trade is to accept a cash offer. Our team can get a quote back to you within a matter of hours, so all you need to do is say “yes” and we can handle the rest. Find out more here.


8. Choose the right time of year (if possible)


The time of year you decide to sell at can have a massive impact on the sales process. Generally speaking, Springtime is the best time to sell, as there are plenty of warm months ahead for moving, and the longer nights can make for nicer viewings.


9. Decide on a reasonable rate to sell for


A great way to speed up the sales process with National Property Trade is to decide as soon as possible what you believe your home to be worth. Then, you have a better idea of what offer you’d be willing to accept.


10. Be as flexible as possible in your viewing times


Being flexible in your viewing times makes it far easier for us to schedule viewings and get the process moving along. It also means we can choose the optimal times of the day to carry out the majority of viewings.


11. Keep pets out of the house


Yes, most people do love pets, but not everyone. Also, they can cause a slight odour and leave hair behind. If possible, keep your pets out of the house for any viewings.


12. De-personalise the home


People want to see themselves living in the home, not you. So do your best to de-personalise the space by removing cluttered toys and endless photo frames everywhere. Generally speaking, a clean and decluttered home is easiest to sell.


If you are in the process of working with us and would like even more help on how to speed up the sale process, then just contact our team and they will be able to help you in any way they can. If you haven’t yet requested your quote, then don’t worry. Getting started with National Property Trade is incredibly straightforward, simply fill out the quote form here and request your 100% free cash offer.

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4.91 / 5 Rating
237 Reviews
Took the stress of worring about finding a buying with an estate agent away and after being sceptable at first we are delighted with how the process went with National Property Trade. Thanks to Oliver and the team.
We found on NPT when we did a search on the internet and decided to go with them because of their good reviews. We recommend them to somebody looking for a hassle-free sale. We dealt with Sam who was excellent.
I found you guys online via a search engine. I rang a couple of companies but the reason I went with you was the initial sales call. Jim came across friendly and knowledgeable without too much of a sales pitch, I felt he was honest. When I moved to the progression team after accepting the offer, you were both great. I’ve felt like I’ve had a personal service, not a stranger on the phone for a big company. I would recommend National Property Trade to anyone who wants a straight forward sale and especially a big thanks to both you and Oliver.